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  Look out for the TrustSg seal when you shop online. TrustSg is a nation-wide trust mark initiative by the National Trust Council (NTC), an industry led body supported by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), formed with the mission to build confidence amongst businesses and consumers to spur e-commerce growth in Singapore.

CommerceNet Singapore Ltd is the Authorised Code Owner (ACO) to issue the TrustSg seal to e-businesses with sound e-commerce practices. To acquire the TrustSg seal, merchants are required to comply with a stringent code of conduct for online business practice set by the National Trust Council (NTC). The code covers the area of disclosure, privacy, fulfillment, best business practices, and protection of minors and the elderly. Consumers will recognize the merchant as a trustworthy e-commerce operator when the web site carries the TrustSg seal. E-commerce applicants who are awarded with the TrustSg seal would have to pass the following stringent criteria:



  • Sufficient information about goods and services is available to help you make an informed buying decision;
  • Your personal data will be protected;
  • Your payment will be handled in a secured manner;
  • Your purchase will be delivered in a safe and punctual manner;
  • The retailer's cancellation and refund policies are clearly stated; and
  • The retailer will promptly address complaints (if made)


Singapore Trusted Merchant

About The National Trust Concil (NTC)

The National Trust Council (NTC) was formed in March 2001 to ensure that relevant concerns from industry are addressed. The council is industry led with support from Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, then Minister for Communications and Information Technology officially announced the formation of the National Trust Council on 7 Mar 2001.

Mission: The mission of the National Trust Council is to build confidence amongst businesses and consumers so as to spur e-Commerce growth in Singapore.


  • Promote adoption of TrustSg programme among businesses and the government.
  • Educate Consumer and business users on security best practices for online transactions and heighten awareness and appreciation of trustmarks.
  • Promote adoption of Risk Management Framework to reduce fraud in e-commerce transactions with B2C merchants.
  • Facilitate cross border recognition of trustmarks and internationalize TrustSg through fora such as the Asia-Pacific Trustmark Alliance to position Singapore as a thought leader.
  • Identify and recommend policy changes in relevant areas to promote online security and best practices to build confidence among businesses and consumers.


Composition: The National Trust Council is currently chaired by Mr Inderjit Singh, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC and Chief Executive Officer, Infiniti Solutions. The Council includes members representing both private and public sectors. Please click here to meet the Council members.

7TH & 8TH JULY 2001, 9.30 AM

The National Trust Council & TrustSg Programme

  • In March this year, the National Trust Council was formed with the mission to build confidence amongst businesses and consumers so as to facilitate e-commerce growth in Singapore.
  • This industry-led body was quick to recognise that a secure and reliable transaction environment is the first step to boosting consumer confidence in e-commerce. Hence, it implemented a nation-wide trust mark initiative, known as the TrustSg Programme, to promote good e-business practices and heighten awareness of trust marks amongst businesses and consumers.
  • Professional bodies such as trade associations and chambers of commerce are encouraged to accredit themselves under this programme. If they meet the standards set by the National Trust Council, they will be appointed as Authorised Code Owner, or ACO, and be authorised to award the TrustSg seal to the accredited e-businesses within their industry.
  • To be TrustSg accredited, all that the businesses have to do is to comply with the Code of Practice set by their respective ACO. In some cases, they may also be awarded an industry-specific trust mark like the CaseTrust mark.

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Why Buy Online From a TrustSG Accredited Website?

What is TrustSG ?

TrustSg is a nationwide trust mark initiative led by the National Trust Council (NTC) and supported by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Its purpose is to raise the level of trust and confidence among consumers and businesses, by promoting a secure and trustworthy environment for the electronic commerce world. Plus, what is unique about TrustSg is that it is backed by the government, thus you can be certain of its high standards and meticulous accreditation processes. 


Gain Confidence Of Your Customers

With TrustSg, your customers are assured that you will provide a safe online environment and will handle either their transactions or their personal data efficiently and securely. It gives them a reason to buy or sign up with you because you are a trusted merchant.

TrustSg tells your customers that you will honour every promise you make. You will deliver quality products and services on time, every time. By delighting every customer, TrustSg helps you win new customers and retain their loyalty.


Gain the International Recognition & Credibility for your Business

TrustSg brings you prestige and credibility. The seals sets you apart from your competitors - it is a mark of your proven capabilities in meeting the highest e-online business standards.

As part of the Asia Trustmark Alliance, TrustSg is readily recognised by businesses and consumers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This spells new markets and business opportunities for your own company. And because TrustSg is backed by the Singapore Government, half your battle is won when you enter new markets - you already have the reputation of a trustworthy merchant.


Meeting Stringent Singapore Government Standards 

Currently, TrustSg is compulsory for all the ministries and government agencies. See,, for some example references.

Apart from government agencies, below are some the merchants that have already joined the TrustSg Alliance.

TRAVEL - Atrium ECO Travel Pte Ltd, Dynasty Travel International, Konsortium Express & Tours Pte Ltd, National Association of Travel Agents Singapore, ZUJI.

ENTERTAINMENT - Game Shop, SoundBuzz Online Music Store, Pte Ltd. 

ELECTRONICS - World Audio Centre Pte Ltd, Full Stop Pte Ltd, D-Nexus Online Shop

FOOD & GROCERY - Angie The Choice Pte Ltd, Cold Storage Singapore Pte Ltd, Mums Kitchen

BOOKS - Asiapac Books Pte Ltd, DP Information Network Pte Ltd, Whoopeekiddies Pte Ltd. 

FLOWERS & GIFTS - 24hrs City Florist, Far East Flora Pte Ltd, The Grotto Pte Ltd, The Chocolate Gallery.

COMPUTERS - GUI Solutions Pte Ltd, Attitude Pte Ltd, Comwerks Pte Ltd, Starvision Information Technology Pte Ltd.

FASHION - Flirt Connection, Cheery Paradise, Kawaii Store,

These are just some of the merchants that have already joined the TrustSg Alliance,

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